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Understanding Brand Elements

I once gave a presentation on understanding how to choose certain brand elements to help build brand equity. Creating something from scratch is not easy, and neither is modifying it! Once you have chosen a brand name, what next? You already have your product or service ready for launch, and after a long arduous process, you have found a brand name that fits. The next challenge is figuring out how to promote it and market it successfully. Each brand and company is unique and should use certain elements that works best for them.

This includes altering it to fit it with modern times or to update an perception of what you are selling. Many companies have had makeovers with new advertising campaigns but fail to pull it off when marketing to the masses, especially global campaigns. Upon request, I decided to post my presentation and added my notes to the bottom so there is a clear understanding of the different kinds of brand elements and how they can be used in a positive way to help market, manage and build equity on a product. This presentation was used as a guide to help community managers and marketers understand the basic principles of core marketing and advertising, with cited examples.

This post was originally published and archived from July, 2012

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