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May 30, 2017


I once gave a presentation on understanding how to choose certain brand elements to help build brand equity. Creating something from scratch is not easy, and neither is modifying it! Once you have chosen a brand name, what next? You already have your product or service ready for launch, and after a long arduous proces...

May 14, 2017


So here’s the deal…Many people have asked me for advice when traveling. My schedule is intense enough that even the smallest piece of advice can help a great deal. Work can take me just about anywhere…from a quick couple days to a longer 12+ day trip. The most common questions people will ask is what do I pack? Any pr...

May 13, 2017


As we peer into the future with the hope to gain the best return on investment possible. Change, transition, clean slate. We have heard all of these words recently whether it is in our personal or professional lives. How we move forward will define how those changes will really affect us. A lot has happened in over th...

May 11, 2017


Defining the phrase, “The Right Fit”

What does this even mean? Is there such a thing? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the adjective “fit” describes something that is, proper or acceptable: morally or socially correct and suitable for a specified purpose.

We first go through a cycle of discovery about oursel...

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